Simply Shine

We take pride in the success of our clients and feel it is important to showcase their stories! Highlighting our Simply Fit & Fun family is a great way to let them shine and also share what our business is all about! We look forward to posting more stories! Have something you want to share? Write to us! XO 

Featured Simply Shine Moment: Jessica

“I was beginning a weight loss journey and wanted to incorporate fitness into it. So I took Stefanie’s class and was a bit skeptical because I took Zumba classes before and they just didn’t work for me. When she started the music I fell in love! Then I met Danielle because they come as a package deal. I took her barre class and fell in love with her too! I was just amazed by her kindness and calming demeanor. I’m said to myself, “I want to know these girls!!” I’ve been following them now for 4 years!

Both of their energies are out of this world. They have a love for fitness and the people their clients. They would always check on me saying, “come to class!” “Are you coming tonight?!” I felt like they really are genuine and want the best for everyone they come across. That’s what drew me to them. Every time I take one of their classes my energy is high and I enjoy being in the moment. It’s amazing the power these ladies have. 

I started training with Danielle in March 2017 and it’s been about 1.5 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long. I feel stronger and there’s certain goals that her and I have worked on that I’ve surpassed or still working on. These girls are a blessing they get your booty in gear and make things happen.”


Featured Simply Shine Moment: Deb

“Exactly one year ago, I joined my first Clean Eating Challenge with Simply Fit and Fun.  It was an early birthday gift to myself- 8 months ahead of time!  Before I started, I felt tired of feeling… tired!  I knew I was ready to make a change and that joining forces with Simply Fit and Fun would help me crush my goals.

Since joining, I have developed a healthy eating and exercising lifestyle.  My new habits have become automatic, like starting each day with a delicious smoothie.  I’ve participated in every Clean Eating Challenge to date and learned new habits during each round.  This has helped to make these amazing life improvements permanent. 

The before and after picture reflects my progress on the scale, but doesn’t even begin to capture my transformation on the inside. The Clean Eating Challenges have really educated me on the fuel I consume and now I have the energy to complete the amazing workouts provided by Danielle and Stefanie. They transformed me from a “non-exerciser” into someone who loves to workout and craves movement instead of sugar! That’s the real miracle transformation. 

Their truly tailored and supportive approach puts me totally in control, removes all of my excuses and clears my path to success. I hit my target of a 30 lb weightloss for my birthday, maintained through the holidays, and now I’m ready to tackle new fitness goals this year!  Give yourself the gift of health for YOUR next birthday with Simply Fit and Fun! Thank you, Danielle and Stefanie!

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Featured Simply Shine Moment: Jody 

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking classes with Stefanie and Danielle for years. I was so excited when they branched out on their own and I could spend my Saturday morning’s dancing with them. I had a very difficult school year and out on too much stress weight. They were advertising their first clean eating challenge and I was intrigued, but scared. When they started talking about challenge number 2 I took a leap of faith and decided to join. The support and knowledge they bring to each challenge has made it so much easier than I thought it would be. I’ve gained so many healthy habits and have felt so much healthier and stronger than I had in years. I’ve participated in every challenge since. I’ve lost 28 pounds and 2 dress sizes. I can’t thank them enough for motivating me along the way!”


Featured Simply Shine Moment: Mary Grace 

“I’m Mary Grace and I’m 24 years old. After college, I decided I needed to change how I took care of my body. I have been dancing since I was little so when I heard about zumba it sounded great. I started attending Stefanie and Danielle’s Zumba classes a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. I was so excited when they started Simply Fit and Fun and now I’m obsessed! These ladies make every class awesome and are always so motivating so I try to go to every class that I can. I also do the clean eating challenges because they helped me find a balance in my life. I learned to listen to my body and provide it food that makes me feel good. Simply Fit and Fun has made me feel strong and confident. I am so lucky to have Stefanie and Danielle in my life. They inspire me to work hard and truly live simply fit and fun.” 



Featured Simply Shine Moment: Frankie! 

“I loved being pregnant – but my post-partum experience was a tough lesson in accepting my body and all its changes. My before picture was 3 months after I had my daughter, and I was eager to get fit. I started with Mommy & Me barre classes with Stef. Her energy and encouragement was so motivating, so I did a summer of personal training with her. This also led me to take Zumba classes with Stef and Danielle. Now, candidly, I always considered Zumba a corny Mom’s version of dancing…..but honestly I burned more calories dancing and having fun than on a spin bike or running. So screw the judgement – Zumba worked and gave me a bit of confidence. Danielle and Stef’s energy make you want to dance like you’re Beyonce, because legit no one in that room is looking at you and they’re all there to shake it off. My after picture is a year and a half post-partum. It really gave me a lesson in patience and persistence, and these ladies have been there for me the whole way through.” 


Featured Simply Shine Moment: Erin!

“After trying just about every diet, food tracking app, exercise class, protein bar and shake out there to reach my fitness goals, I was convinced nothing would work for me. I was really good at starting, but when I didn’t see quick results, I’d quit. And then, I found Danielle and Steph and their amazing Simply Fit and Fun eating challenges. This program is completely different than anything else I’ve tried. With this group I felt a sense of community and support from amazing people who all had similar goals – to get healthy, have more energy, and feel better about their bodies. The daily check ins gave me the accountability I never had before.  And finally, with the right mix of regular works out and an easy to follow healthy eating plan, I started to see a change. 10 pounds down, and 10x the energy – I’ve never felt better! I cant wait to continue my fitness journey with Simply Fit & Fun, and couldn’t be more thankful to have found the program that really works!”